working 24/7 is just wrong

Recently I was approached by a business owner
to do some work for them, marketing stuff which I really


As you can imagine, my process in marketing and in fact
the operation of a business is less is MORE.

I have helped many business owners with their
Online marketing.


I see one common thread.

Far too many of them try to accomplish more and
consequently do very little effectively.

These entrepreneurs believe [ in my opinion incorrectly ]
they must be active on every social media platform. Wrong.

Many entrepreneurs are under the wrong illusion
that success means working 24/7. Wrong again.

Somehow these business owners have bought into
the idea that they must work every hour that God gives them.
If it means working to two in the morning, they simply sip
gallons of strong coffee to keep going.

Now I am all for hard work. However it must be as focused
as possible. Somehow in the west we have fallen into
a trap where we live to work and not work to live.

This is just wrong.