watching from under the kitchen cabinet

carolyn chebaro I will preface this blog post by confessing that I am somewhat of a space geek, and yes that is me in the picture above. I love anything to do with space travel. The real stuff, not the kind you see on television. No Doctor Spock. Real people, real adventure, in real time.

Did you know there is privately funded space travel? Rockets are launched, with and without humans on exploration to the worlds above us. These modern-day pioneers are conducting all sorts of tests, many are for medical purposes. Now I wonder if they are funded by the insurance companies… surely NOT!

And FYI, last year there were over 100 space launches. SpaceX Dragon launched yesterday.

“… on board is a series of investigations involving tissue chips, which are used to simulate human organs. Researchers are hopeful that the chips will help scientists better understand the effects of microgravity on the human body”’

“Microgravity”…. boggles my mind.

Back to my thoughts.

I started to watch another one of these launches today on my smartphone as I headed into the kitchen to prepare my dinner. The phone fit snuggling underneath the kitchen cabinet, right next to the carrots and kale.

The launch was breathtaking and the enthusiastic shouts of those in mission control were inspiring and brought tears in my eyes- [ refer to paragraph one ].

I remember when, as a child, I sat with my grandparents and watched Neil Armstrong put is the first step on the moon. I think I cried even then. As I imagine this incredible feat I am sure that the world stopped breathing as we all, from all over the planet watched in amazement. Fingers and toes crossed. Wonderment.

Yes indeed, life as I [we] know it is changing quickly and without hesitation. Gone are the days when we all huddled around the television to watch a monumental event. Gone on the days when broadcasting ended at midnight.

Pure genius. Imagine designing a vehicle that shoots straight up into the sky. Inside men are transported into the unknown.What about simple things like food, oxygen, and dare I say, toilet facilities on their journey?

Sadly these inventions are dwarfed when compared to the inventions of today. The computers that can be held in your hand, cars driven by themselves, the internet and all that comes with it. Endless.

For me, I never want to forget the sheer magnitude of that first walk on the moon.


Where you around then?