try this, doing nothing in Fort Lauderdale

carolyn chebaro less is more

It’s a strange thing doing nothing. I mean, have you ever
really tried to sit and relax.

When I say the art of doing nothing, I mean nothing.

Just sitting,
Just being quiet.

No music playing in the background,
No podcast on your smartphone,
No television rambling on in the next room.


Try it.

It’s not easy right?

I have found this exercise to be very
rewarding however it has taken me many
many years to master. In all honesty I still
have to concentrate on doing nothing. Oxymoron.


I know some of my greatest ideas and inspirations
have popped into my world when I switch off. They
appear almost out of the blue, like the phone call
from a friend you have not heard from in a while.

And in those quiet moments I have also learned…

That all in my world will be taken care of,
I have no need to worry,
what I need will come to me.

I just have to have patience and wait.

And do nothing, doing less but in the end
getting so much MORE.