TIP : email clear out

I recently picked up a tip from a friend.

We will call my friend, Joe, clears out his in box in his email account all the time. Actually he saw my email account and sort of said how can you deal with all those emails…what clutter?

So anti less is MORE right!

Like you, I just open the emails I want.. but never really delete, clear out the “box”. I guess you would never do this in your snail mail, I mean keep the junk mail in the physical biox,  so why would you do this online?

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So this weekend I started deleting all my emails, I now have “clean” boxes. It feels bloody marvelous!


Of course BEFORE you do this make sure you put into folders or in the cloud those important emails. You might create a file in google drive or even save those emails in a file in your email account [ most if not all services offer this ] But I would really encourage you to clear out your online inbox.


Let us know if you do this.

I guess you can never stop learning.

And another wee tip from me:)

Less is MORE…. Always