those routines

carolyn chebaro less is moreRoutines are all the rage.

Advice on their importance can
Be found all over the internet.

Then of course there are zillions of
Posts on how to create your own
Personalized “get out of bed”


Some imply you must follow a daily
routine in order to have a fulfilled life.

Now I get it.

I have a routine I follow [ most of the time ].

But sometimes I think it is equally important
to throw caution to the wind and with it,
your routine.

Sometimes I simply crave a change, however

Recently I

Ate spaghetti in bed at 2 am.
Went to the movies in the middle of the day
[ on a weekday, shock – horror ].

I think it is necessary to recall those moments when

As a teenager for example, you skipped school and
had a magical day with friends.

What a that feeling of
utter freedom, excitement…the knowing you are
Doing something you shouldn’t.

What fun!!

Don’t you still recall those moments and feelings?


So while I get the routine, the ritual thing I think sometimes
It is important to change direction,even for a few moments.


The key…. Throw the guilt out the window.

Simply enjoy.