Theme Days | un-work

carolyn chebaro less is more

Recently I have learned something new, something I am adding
to my arsenal of less is MORE.


That is …

incorporating “Theme Days” into my life. Before I continue,
I must credit my friend Marianne Rutz. She implements this
strategy into her business. I have seen it in action. It works.

I like it and know, it can work in other areas of your life.

In a nutshell here is what a “Theme Day” is all about. As the name
suggests each day has a theme. So…

There are Work Theme Days, Play Theme Days, Household Chore
Theme Days…You get my drift.

I have decided to have a“Theme Day” for quiet reflection. A day of
Switching off. An un-work day.

My Quiet Reflection Theme Days will be:

A scheduled day where I tune in to me. I will do what I want, go
where I want , I will sleep, I will read, I will exercise [ or not ]
and I will STOP.


The key is, I have decided to have one THEME day in the middle of
the week, each and every month.

So here is how it will pan out>>>

[ The “Practical Aspect ]

I will schedule my Theme Day into my calendar each month…ie the day will be blocked off as busy.


So, if something business oriented comes along  I can legitimately
say I am “Out Of The Office” that day. No guilt, just a fact.


The evening before I will allow ONE extra hour to catch up and prepare for my Theme Day. It’s funny, how the day before a longer vacation/holiday we always, somehow and in some way get the necessary work accomplished.The same strategy
applies here.

I will set up Out of Office messages On my email and on my telephone.

[ The “Mindset Aspect ]

This might be more difficult to achieve but it WILL be achievable, after all as Norman Vincent Peale says “ What the mind believes it can achieve” [ or something like that]

I will go into relax mode and I reckon for each of us this will be different. It might be a meal at your favorite restaurant, a glass of wine on the balcony, a long bath , hike with a pet…It could be starting a new book… having a massage or facial [ YES ] …etc.

Whatever it takes to switch off I am in…

And I imagine, once I have completed several of these
Theme Days I will realize their value and purpose. [ Time will tell ]

In today’s mad world of working 24/7 I think this so important. After all,
many religions have a day of quiet reflection, so I am bringing
this into my less is MORE lifestyle.

My “gut” tells me this is the way to go forward…and you know how I feel
about following your gut. I am very excited to un-work

and just stop. Who knows what I will uncover.

I will let you know it goes…


Here is the link to Marianne’s website. If you are a business owner
Wanting to grow your business Marianne is a someone
you must speak with.