The trapeze act.

carolyn chebaro minimalism less is more lifestyleOne thing I have learned

for sure

A balanced life is so important

This lesson was not an easy one for me to learn. In fact I have spent most of my life as an entrepreneur on the trapeze, it has been a balancing act. And many times I have fallen.

You see I did not get it…. that life as an entrepreneur is not about working 24/7. Because if you work that way you get now where, and essentially you are creating a “ job” [ bad 3 letter word in my book ]

So how do you avoid this pitfall.

In my book it is about living a less is MORE lifestyle.

It is about having other outlets.Other interests. Other desires for your life.

We are taught here in the western society that you must have ambition, drive, a go get it attitude. But this does not, should not only apply to your work/business.

All of the above apply to having a well rounded life. Having  ambition to having a good set of friends and a loving family. Drive to keep yourself healthy by eating well and exercising. A go get it attitude to relax and spend time by yourself in nature.

Balance is so important.

It is the foundation of a less is MORE lifestyle.