The key is inside

Everyone talks about forming habits. You know how long it takes, just stick with it.

La de dahhhhhhh, la de dahhhhhh.


Recently I realized I had formed a habit. Unknowingly.

Here is my story…

A new door was  installed in my home. I am told the new door will keep the bad boy out, namely our yearly bout with Sir Hurricane- well I will see and pray.

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The thing is that locking the door was different from my old front door. I cannot count the number of times the key was left on the inside and me [ and Miss Evie ] were firmly planted on the outside.


But after awhile I formed a habit. Unconsciously, after putting the lease on Miss Evie I grab my set of keys.


Only recently I thought about this new habit. How the grabbing of the keys became second nature to me.

And so I reckon the same applied when I started the journey of my less is MORE lifestyle.

I simply decided, subconsciously to evaluate all that was around me, the stuff, the people, my beliefs and thoughts.My work habits [ which quite frankly were totally ridiculous ]I decided that something was not right for me, something rubbed me the wrong way, I had an unease, an angst, a big question about what was my life.

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This lead me to life a less is MORE lifestyle. A way of being with purpose, with gratitude and appreciation for the things that really mattered [ to me ].