the handbag

Recently I watched several episodes of “Leave it to Beaver”, the sitcom which first aired here in the USA in 1957 BC [ even Before Carolyn ].

I enjoy watching old television series because they take me back to a moment when time seemed to slow down and life was valued more. Everything seemed to be done with thought, the dress, the work, the homelife and family interaction.

Looking back, some might say those old television series were just corny. Not me.

Now trust me, I am not so naive as to believe that life was not always like this but well in my dreams and in my mind it must have been a wonderful time to live>>>

When the telephone rang someone took a message [ on paper ]
Family dinners included conversations
And Sundays were special.

A good example of this lifestyle, I believe, can be found in the role of the mother in this series, June Cleaver. The respect she was shown in the family hierarchy, manner in which she dressed, the way she prepared the evening meal with a dainty  pearl necklace … I love it.

And her

Today there are so many styles of handbags:

Over the body,
Hung over your back
The tote
Those wrist things

And the styles all seem to have motion in mind… run here, run there, they are utilitarian.

But in June’s wardrobe you found an elegant, graceful and charming handbag, that probably housed a handkerchief, mirror, lipstick and a few dollars. It hung delightfully on her wrist.


And so when recently I cleared out a closet and found a handbag of my mother’s I immediately took possession of it.

This fits well into my less is MORE lifestyle.


A slower pace.

Get it? 

Do you have a memory or item that takes you back to this time? I would love to know in the comments box below.