the art of the de-clutter

carolyn chebaro less is more
Imagine your closet neat, tidy, and organized; knowing
where everything is so you that can put your hand on that
blouse or that kitchen utensil quickly. Imagine your home having
a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Cool right.

Just think of the time [ and energy ] you would save?

No more overwhelm!

You would feel in control. If you are looking for more time
in your day, this is a sure fire way to get it.

But how do you begin? But where to you
[ get rid of ] your stuff?

Here is help, 31 Ways To Pass It Forward [ and get rid of your “stuff”]


There are many ways to clear out, sort through and de-clutter
“your stuff”. With this all in mind, I have put together a quick
cheat sheet with the method I use and a list of 31 places
where you can “Pass On Your Stuff” [ get rid of ].


The process all starts with one step.

A decision to do it.


Start slow. Don’t overdo it.

It’s very similar to starting a diet or exercise
routine. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning you
might not continue.

The “art of the de-clutter’ takes time.

I suggest setting 30 minutes aside on your first
day. Methodically go through your belongings.

When did I use or wear this last?
Does it fit? I hate to say it but… is it age appropriate?
Do I make use of this item? Hey, that rice maker in the drawer, really?
Will you ever really use this item or that?
Do I have duplicates or triplicates of this dress, pot, widget?

Work with the end in mind. Think of the clarity coming
Your way. The freedom in terms of physically and oh,
Dare I say, the mental stuff.

You can do this! I know you can…

Here is the list again in case you missed it.