trust your gut

carolyn chebaro less is more

If you follow me on Facebook you probably have seen
My posts on “following your gut”.

It recently occurred to me that I have never put “Pen to
Paper” on this subject …. So here goes.

For me

This gut thing is:

~Listening to that inner voice, my personal radar system [ go for it, go for it ]
~That feeling that I get in the pit of your stomach [ turn right- turn left ],
~Or it is that moment when I get A “Hunch” [ yup that will work ]

For me it is that invisible person [ God ] sitting on my shoulder
telling me do this, don’t do that.

This gut thing is

a trust that I am making the correct decision, the right choice, selecting
the right path.


intuition, my inner guidance system. I reckon it has
always been there but I was too noisy.

My intuition is a gift, a bonus if you may, compensation for the gray
hair and wrinkles [ but that stuff doesn’t bother me ]

It has been strengthened as a result of my less is MORE mindset
and my minimalist lifestyle. It’s because in my world, my surroundings
are free of “stuff. My mind and thoughts are also free and clear of
nonsense and noise that used to drown out my gut thing.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Sometimes the guidance signal gets fuzzy and
this is when I know I am on the wrong track, I am heading
up the wrong street, the wrong way, the wrong thinking… or it could be that I have
lost perspective. I might be tired.

That in of itself tells me to Stop.

Bring in the gratitude.
Hit the reset button.

Get back on track.

As I “mature” I am finding “my gut thing” is really invaluable. I have been
known [ but would never admit ] to talking to my gut… scary I know but
hey it works!

I am curious, do you use “ your gut thing”? Put your comments below:)