that “A” word

I am back.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I caught that darn ole flu.
“He” took me down for nearly two weeks [ I say ‘He” because I am convinced a “She” would never have made me so miserable and sick ].

During this time I discovered I have a fault. SHOCK- HORROR. Here it goes…

I tend to criticize myself far too often.


During this down time I learned something new I would like to share with you.

A part of my less is MORE lifestyle now includes Acceptance.

Let me explain>>>

It started out like this, the words in my head:

You have pushed yourself too hard.
This is the result.
You got sick.
You need to slow down.

New words of acceptance floating in my mind:


Get over it. Get a grip.
Go with the flow.
Move on. 
This is not your fault.
You are doing and always do your best.

Now I know catching the flu is not life altering. I get it. But this lesson is HUGE for me. Don’t criticize yourself, Carolyn. It is alright. All will be fine.


It is a good thing don’t you think?