simple elegance

I drink coffee, sometimes tea. I cannot say I am a connoisseur of either only that I like what I like.

Like you, I drink my cup coffee in the morning along with small tangerines [ try it is delicious ].

I do not use a mug.

I have found that drinking coffee from a good ole cup and saucer is the best way to savor the coffee and the moment. Somehow the coffee tastes better in fine china. In my opinion you cannot compare the flavor to a ceramic mug and don’t get me started on the paper cups of Starbucks fame.

A cup and saucer,dare I say, is more elegant, more refined and for me creates more of a ritual.

Savoring my morning joe in this way allows me more time and it slows me down. This is my time to contemplate and plan my day, to show gratitude, and have a chat with the man upstairs.

Aside from the shear delight and aroma of my morning java it is interesting what you cannot do…

It is simply impossible to unload the dishwasher or, +++
Iron a blouse or,
Put lippie on or,
Feed the dog [ or cat ].

As evidenced in this picture, You simply mess up.


I encourage you start your day with your beverage of choice in a cup and saucer. It is so worth it. I would love to have a peak at your very own cup and saucer….[ pictures below  most welcomed ] 🙂