rainy day purchases :(

carolyn chebaro less is moreRecently I was in a friend’s kitchen. She was cleaning out her

cabinets. I noticed she had two large containers of restaurant sized

cinnamon sticks.

I reckon if you lay those logs of deliciousness end to end they would

reach into the middle of Atlantic Ocean.


When I asked my friend “Why in the world would any one family [of two] need to purchase miles and miles of this spice”

[Okay I was a bit more tack full, just ]

The answer I received was  “ They were on sale and I never know when I might need them”.

The rainy day purchase concept in full bloom.


Come on!

You must be joking!

Now I get it, trying to save a bit here and a bit there when an item is on sale. Buying items for that rainy day that is another story.

Let’s be reasonable.

When was the last time you purchased something for the “chance

In a million” time you might use that widget, paper dollie or spare car antenna?

Think long and hard.

Rainy day purchases, hogwash.

They almost never happen.


Less is MORE….always.