Can a purple lipstick have a purpose?

carolyn chebaro minimalism, less is more lifestyle

Okay we all have vices; something that puts a twinkle in our eye and a skip in our step. Something that warms our heart.


My vice is luxury lipsticks and nail polish. I think it has always been that way, well at least for as long as I can remember.

Give me a sniff of a Dior lipstick and my mood is elevated [ gosh as I type this I feel like, hiding  my head in shame ] But I cannot lie, I am hooked.

I reckon most people have this “ addiction” be it shoes, chocolate. Starbucks coffee, craft products. golf clubs, you name it.


I have learned over the years to “ curb “ my appetite.

And this is how I do it.

I consider every purchase, every lippie or nail polish [ and there are not many ] and event… something to look forward to. My purchases are never on impulse but they are planned. I consider what goodies [ the lipstick, the nail polish ] I own and if the purchase has a purpose.

Will I use the item.


Will it sit in its box in a drawer or in a closet?

Really you may say…why waste the time. energy and the space in your mind making a silly decision on what to purchase? You see I treat every purchase like a game. A game where I can  add value to my life.


Are you nuts? We are talking about nail polish and lipsticks!!


I sometimes [ more often than not ] think the world has gone crazy, we all rush around and never stop to take a breath. It is so easy when you are caught up in the rush of it all to make impulse purchaseS [ that capital S is on purpose ]

If you stop and consider your next purchase, be it whatever the “ want or need you have “ you will find MORE joy in selecting that perfect item.

Less stuff, selected with a purpose in mind is MORE.