Don’t [ just ] throw stuff away.

Here is the thing.

Less is MORE is not about throwing or giving things away.

NOT at all.

All that happens when you do this is, typically, you buy more “stuff”. It is a vicious cycle. It is like the revolving door at Macy’s or any other big box store… around and around you go…

In the online world it is like HAVING to have an Amazon Prime account  [ or life is not worth living ]. Perhaps it is worse that the big box store.

Enter your credit card number

Press this button from the comfort of your home, office, car or at the beach.


Buy Buy Buy

More More More

One of the premises of Less is MORE is about purchasing with intention. With purpose. Quality over quantity [ I will go over this in another post ]

This mindset is about discovering what is important to you. What items are worthy of your “space”.

I have found that once my external world is clearer so too is my internal world, my mind.

There is less clutter outside and therefore less clutter inside. My mind is able to think with intention, with purpose or not at all [ which is not a bad thing ].

The key is inside

Everyone talks about forming habits. You know how long it takes, just stick with it.

La de dahhhhhhh, la de dahhhhhh.


Recently I realized I had formed a habit. Unknowingly.

Here is my story…

A new door was  installed in my home. I am told the new door will keep the bad boy out, namely our yearly bout with Sir Hurricane- well I will see and pray.

The thing is that locking the door was different from my old front door. I cannot count the number of times the key was left on the inside and me [ and Miss Evie ] were firmly planted on the outside.


But after awhile I formed a habit. Unconsciously, after putting the lease on Miss Evie I grab my set of keys.


Only recently I thought about this new habit. How the grabbing of the keys became second nature to me.

And so I reckon the same applied when I started the journey of my less is MORE lifestyle.

I simply decided, subconsciously to evaluate all that was around me, the stuff, the people, my beliefs and thoughts.My work habits [ which quite frankly were totally ridiculous ]I decided that something was not right for me, something rubbed me the wrong way, I had an unease, an angst, a big question about what was my life.

This lead me to life a less is MORE lifestyle. A way of being with purpose, with gratitude and appreciation for the things that really mattered [ to me ].


No fancy beginnings…

No fancy beginnings to this blog.

I simply feel compelled to start putting my thoughts on “paper”. I have nothing out of the ordinary to say, no magical words to save the world, no scientific discovery that will beat cancer and I do not have photographs of the latest must have dress or pair of shoes [ sorry ladies ].

Today, I just have an observation. I question that came to my mind when I woke up.

And that question>>>

What is success?

So I started to think and I started my day in a different way. Rather than walk Miss Evie around the buildings where I live I grabbed some coffee and sat in the doggie park and contemplated.

Each morning I watch all my neighbors head out to work. They jump into their cars and take that journey to work. Day after day, month after month and well, year after year.

And so many of them count the days to the weekend. To the time they can spend the money they earned in the mall. Endlessly, mindlessly walking from one shop to the other.

Only to be faced with another Sunday evening and the thought of work, heading out to the traffic on yet another Monday morning.

Is this success? For me, far from it.

But… I do realize that success is different to each of us. We all interpret success in a different way.

All too often, I believe, many believe success in a material way. A new this and a new that. But if you have ever purchased that new that or this [ and we all have ] the high, the excitement is short lived…. especially when the bills come in!

For me the meaning of true success has been a long time in coming, in recognizing.

When I think of prosperity [ success ]  I think of time. Time to do what I want, when I want and spend it with the people that matter most to me.

You know the drill in my world, #lessisMORE …. always.

And so…. what about you?

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