Minimalism and a dog’s life in Davie, Florida

a dogs life in Davie Florida Less is MOREThis morning I was sitting in the doggie
park watching Miss Evie greet her day in Davie, Florida.

Sniff, sniff here,
Toilet action there.

And other things.

Like looking at the clouds above,
Watching the birds fly,
Have a good smell of the air around,
Running after a squirrel that tormented her,
Lounging on the green carpet under her round [ and cute ] belly.

Not a care in the world. Miss Evie lives a minimalist life!

And it occurred to me…

Just maybe we should all live a dog’s life.

Let me explain.

Miss Evie takes life easy.
She does not want for anything [ really ].
She is satisfied with what she has, she does not need “stuff”
….and ole shoe is sufficient.
It appears that she is happy.
She does not have to prove her value to me or any other four legged creatures.

Miss Evie is her own ” woman” so to speak :).

She stops often to smell the roses.

So maybe,
Just maybe, if you were able to speak directly to her..

I reckon she would say

Stop, roll in the grass, stick out your tongue, don’t take life so seriously and

Less is MORE you Humans, less is MORE.

try this, doing nothing in Fort Lauderdale

carolyn chebaro less is more

It’s a strange thing doing nothing. I mean, have you ever
really tried to sit and relax.

When I say the art of doing nothing, I mean nothing.

Just sitting,
Just being quiet.

No music playing in the background,
No podcast on your smartphone,
No television rambling on in the next room.


Try it.

It’s not easy right?

I have found this exercise to be very
rewarding however it has taken me many
many years to master. In all honesty I still
have to concentrate on doing nothing. Oxymoron.


I know some of my greatest ideas and inspirations
have popped into my world when I switch off. They
appear almost out of the blue, like the phone call
from a friend you have not heard from in a while.

And in those quiet moments I have also learned…

That all in my world will be taken care of,
I have no need to worry,
what I need will come to me.

I just have to have patience and wait.

And do nothing, doing less but in the end
getting so much MORE.

human contact

human contact less is more

I was sitting on my balcony this past week having
My coffee and nibbling at an orange. I do this most
Mornings [ yes, I admit, I am very lucky ]

During this time, I watched two young men
greet each other.

Their meeting caught me to by surprise.
The two did not shake hands but hand punched each
Other. [ Gosh I hope I got that right, the hand punching thing.
You know where people acknowledge someone by putting their
Knuckles to knuckles .

I have seen this before but never really contemplated this

Interesting how gestures have changed over the year and yet
remain the same.

In my world a firm handshake is appropriate. If I am familiar
With the other party this turns into a hug.

This knuckle to knuckle communication made me
realize that the more things change, the more
they remain the same.

Human contact, in whatever form is very

Sure it is great to host a business meeting online.
using say, zoom or one of the other online meeting
programs.This form of communication saves time, money and energy.

But that human contact, that knuckle to knuckle is
so important. It lifts me up, makes me feel part of the whole.

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trust your gut

carolyn chebaro less is more

If you follow me on Facebook you probably have seen
My posts on “following your gut”.

It recently occurred to me that I have never put “Pen to
Paper” on this subject …. So here goes.

For me

This gut thing is:

~Listening to that inner voice, my personal radar system [ go for it, go for it ]
~That feeling that I get in the pit of your stomach [ turn right- turn left ],
~Or it is that moment when I get A “Hunch” [ yup that will work ]

For me it is that invisible person [ God ] sitting on my shoulder
telling me do this, don’t do that.

This gut thing is

a trust that I am making the correct decision, the right choice, selecting
the right path.


intuition, my inner guidance system. I reckon it has
always been there but I was too noisy.

My intuition is a gift, a bonus if you may, compensation for the gray
hair and wrinkles [ but that stuff doesn’t bother me ]

It has been strengthened as a result of my less is MORE mindset
and my minimalist lifestyle. It’s because in my world, my surroundings
are free of “stuff. My mind and thoughts are also free and clear of
nonsense and noise that used to drown out my gut thing.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Sometimes the guidance signal gets fuzzy and
this is when I know I am on the wrong track, I am heading
up the wrong street, the wrong way, the wrong thinking… or it could be that I have
lost perspective. I might be tired.

That in of itself tells me to Stop.

Bring in the gratitude.
Hit the reset button.

Get back on track.

As I “mature” I am finding “my gut thing” is really invaluable. I have been
known [ but would never admit ] to talking to my gut… scary I know but
hey it works!

I am curious, do you use “ your gut thing”? Put your comments below:)

Theme Days | un-work

carolyn chebaro less is more

Recently I have learned something new, something I am adding
to my arsenal of less is MORE.


That is …

incorporating “Theme Days” into my life. Before I continue,
I must credit my friend Marianne Rutz. She implements this
strategy into her business. I have seen it in action. It works.

I like it and know, it can work in other areas of your life.

In a nutshell here is what a “Theme Day” is all about. As the name
suggests each day has a theme. So…

There are Work Theme Days, Play Theme Days, Household Chore
Theme Days…You get my drift.

I have decided to have a“Theme Day” for quiet reflection. A day of
Switching off. An un-work day.

My Quiet Reflection Theme Days will be:

A scheduled day where I tune in to me. I will do what I want, go
where I want , I will sleep, I will read, I will exercise [ or not ]
and I will STOP.


The key is, I have decided to have one THEME day in the middle of
the week, each and every month.

So here is how it will pan out>>>

[ The “Practical Aspect ]

I will schedule my Theme Day into my calendar each month…ie the day will be blocked off as busy.


So, if something business oriented comes along  I can legitimately
say I am “Out Of The Office” that day. No guilt, just a fact.


The evening before I will allow ONE extra hour to catch up and prepare for my Theme Day. It’s funny, how the day before a longer vacation/holiday we always, somehow and in some way get the necessary work accomplished.The same strategy
applies here.

I will set up Out of Office messages On my email and on my telephone.

[ The “Mindset Aspect ]

This might be more difficult to achieve but it WILL be achievable, after all as Norman Vincent Peale says “ What the mind believes it can achieve” [ or something like that]

I will go into relax mode and I reckon for each of us this will be different. It might be a meal at your favorite restaurant, a glass of wine on the balcony, a long bath , hike with a pet…It could be starting a new book… having a massage or facial [ YES ] …etc.

Whatever it takes to switch off I am in…

And I imagine, once I have completed several of these
Theme Days I will realize their value and purpose. [ Time will tell ]

In today’s mad world of working 24/7 I think this so important. After all,
many religions have a day of quiet reflection, so I am bringing
this into my less is MORE lifestyle.

My “gut” tells me this is the way to go forward…and you know how I feel
about following your gut. I am very excited to un-work

and just stop. Who knows what I will uncover.

I will let you know it goes…


Here is the link to Marianne’s website. If you are a business owner
Wanting to grow your business Marianne is a someone
you must speak with.

cash vs credit | the experiment

carolyn chebaro less is more

Recently I have been shopping with…wait for it….


I know, hard to believe but I have been conducting an

I wanted to see how I would feel carrying around cash
And the feeling I would get spending it.


Shopping with a debit/credit card.

A few observations:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of cold hard cash
In my hand. It somehow made me feel powerful, sorta
In charge.

The rattle of coins in my hand well, to me there
Is nothing like it! Reminisce back to childhood days I guess.

When I purchased with cash I felt like I was buying with
A purpose. Now I know that must sound, well
Bizarre but I had the feeling of , “I worked for this, I have
A sense of pride”.

And when I spent cash I felt like I was more
In a circulating mode, passing around the good
That money brings.
I felt like I am giving back to the universe [ if you know
What I mean]

Shopping with a debit card was different.

I felt more rushed. More… get this done…. Gotta

I felt like I was on autopilot.

~Place debit card in
~Put in my security code
~Want cash back?
~Thanks and Have a Nice Day

The debit/credit card had no “value” to me. It was
just a shiny piece of Hard plastic. Dangerous.

Do you shop with cash or a card? Does any of the
Above ring true to you? I would really love to know.

Put your comments below 🙂

de-cluttering | the other kind as a caregiver

There are many forms of “clearing out”. Decluttering is one way:
getting rid of items that no longer have a purpose, no longer serve
you is another way. You need this clear out mindset in order to go
effectively go forward.


There is another form of clearing out and going forward. This
process is a bit more tricky.

This form of evolution comes after the role of caregiver is no longer yours.
And, dear reader I speak from experience.

This transition takes much longer and requires, in my opinion
courage and perseverance. For in an instant the life I knew was
changed, the years that followed, those precious caregiving years
took a toll on me. The role of caregiver was mine, and mine alone.


When my greatest cheerleader was no longer on the physical plane I
was lost.

I did not realize this until recently.

And I can only think that it is the same for many in the same role.

It is not the “stuff” that needed to be cleared out, for me, that took
place years ago. I had to deal with the lack of purpose I felt.
Where did I now fit in? What was my new role?


My conclusion has been to take each day as it comes, step by
step. To set goals and go forward. I recently did this with a challenge
I gave myself in swimming. I still marvel on the feeling of
accomplishment that task gave me.

That fancy term, thrown about so often nowadays “ Self Care” really
comes into play.

Self-care comes in many forms. Sometimes it means taking a nice bath,
or a coffee in a quaint cafe. Other times,  for me it also has come to mean that quiet
reminder, that whisper in my hear ” I made a difference- look what I did”
Be proud, Stand tall”.


Finally, and in conclusion

Rely on friends, a good friend. For they often see things with a clearer eye. It is
as if they can see clearly because their windshield wipers are on, while your vision is clouded by the tears you still secretly cry.





the art of the de-clutter

carolyn chebaro less is more
Imagine your closet neat, tidy, and organized; knowing
where everything is so you that can put your hand on that
blouse or that kitchen utensil quickly. Imagine your home having
a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Cool right.

Just think of the time [ and energy ] you would save?

No more overwhelm!

You would feel in control. If you are looking for more time
in your day, this is a sure fire way to get it.

But how do you begin? But where to you
[ get rid of ] your stuff?

Here is help, 31 Ways To Pass It Forward [ and get rid of your “stuff”]


There are many ways to clear out, sort through and de-clutter
“your stuff”. With this all in mind, I have put together a quick
cheat sheet with the method I use and a list of 31 places
where you can “Pass On Your Stuff” [ get rid of ].


The process all starts with one step.

A decision to do it.


Start slow. Don’t overdo it.

It’s very similar to starting a diet or exercise
routine. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning you
might not continue.

The “art of the de-clutter’ takes time.

I suggest setting 30 minutes aside on your first
day. Methodically go through your belongings.

When did I use or wear this last?
Does it fit? I hate to say it but… is it age appropriate?
Do I make use of this item? Hey, that rice maker in the drawer, really?
Will you ever really use this item or that?
Do I have duplicates or triplicates of this dress, pot, widget?

Work with the end in mind. Think of the clarity coming
Your way. The freedom in terms of physically and oh,
Dare I say, the mental stuff.

You can do this! I know you can…

Here is the list again in case you missed it.

those routines

carolyn chebaro less is moreRoutines are all the rage.

Advice on their importance can
Be found all over the internet.

Then of course there are zillions of
Posts on how to create your own
Personalized “get out of bed”


Some imply you must follow a daily
routine in order to have a fulfilled life.

Now I get it.

I have a routine I follow [ most of the time ].

But sometimes I think it is equally important
to throw caution to the wind and with it,
your routine.

Sometimes I simply crave a change, however

Recently I

Ate spaghetti in bed at 2 am.
Went to the movies in the middle of the day
[ on a weekday, shock – horror ].

I think it is necessary to recall those moments when

As a teenager for example, you skipped school and
had a magical day with friends.

What a that feeling of
utter freedom, excitement…the knowing you are
Doing something you shouldn’t.

What fun!!

Don’t you still recall those moments and feelings?


So while I get the routine, the ritual thing I think sometimes
It is important to change direction,even for a few moments.


The key…. Throw the guilt out the window.

Simply enjoy.


no amount of money

I tell you this story with much humility.

Almost 30 years ago, yes I am THAT old,
I swam 100 laps [ equivalent to one mile ] in this pool.


This spring, as a drifted off to sleep an idea, a thought
came to my mind.

Could I do that swim again?

So I planned it out.

Week by week
Lap by lap


In my mind, as I swam back and forth I wrote this
blog post.

Week by week
Lap by lap.

This past weekend I accomplished my goal. What
a sense of accomplishment and joy. No amount of money
or any “ stuff” given to me will ever be compared to that feeling.

Go Team, Carolyn!!!