like a herd of cattle

Hey I am all into this internet, social media and smartphone thing.

I have made friends all over the world and have found old acquaintances from college and high school here on Facebook.[ I was not popular in high school but that is a topic for another post.]

I get the whole thing.

But here is something I don’t understand at all and it is best described in a scene that played out recently in front of my own eyes.

Recently I was at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. The “girl” and I just finished our lunch at one of the eateries and we took a seat on a bench to savor the afternoon sunshine and atmosphere.

From my right appeared four millennials – two couples walking two by two – women by women,in front of the two men by men. [ think herd of cattle ]

Heads down, all engaged with their smartphones.

No conversation.

At all.

Fast forward thirty minutes


Who appeared to my left…that herd of cattle.

Two couples walking the same pattern – walking two by two – women by women in front of the two men by men.


Not a single word spoken between them. Heads down.Tapping away.

If they were they “speaking “ with each other, I have no clue.

Now call me old fashioned [ please ] but I DO NOT GET IT.

Have we gone too far?
Has the art of simple conversation died?
Do we really no longer want to enjoy each others company?
How can a piece of machinery, a smartphone, be more interesting that a person? Hey>>>

Is eye contact a lost art?

I find this so sad, not only to the “cattle” but to society as a whole. You and I, all of us will not be around in fifty years but can you imagine what it is going to be like? It might be very quiet with the lack of decent conversation. Who knows, the human race might lose their ability to speak…

If you have read this post till the end, I would love to hear your thoughts…

a simple idea…

This past week I was shopping in a nearby big box store.  I observed something that interested me and thought I would pass this idea on to you.

As I stood in the line to make my  purchase [ turtle food for Hennrietta ] The woman in front of me was paying for several bags of bird seed.

She paid with a debit card. It is SO easy to spend with a debit/credit card… pull out the card…slide…spend…next….more.


Before putting the card back in her wallet she made note in her check registry, the book that is issued when you pay with a check. YES, I know the rest of the world has probably done away with checks but we here in the USA seem to be lagging in this area.


I thought this was genius! A great way to be mindful of spending, time and energy used.

Now I am sure there are apps that one can use to daily track your spending but for me, having to write in a book or a registry of any kind is perfect. I have started to do this. It has caused me to be conscientious of the money I spend, in a way it slows me down and in a really strange way it is very satisfying.

Who would have known!!!


If you try this let me know.

less is MORE… always.


that “A” word

I am back.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I caught that darn ole flu.
“He” took me down for nearly two weeks [ I say ‘He” because I am convinced a “She” would never have made me so miserable and sick ].

During this time I discovered I have a fault. SHOCK- HORROR. Here it goes…

I tend to criticize myself far too often.


During this down time I learned something new I would like to share with you.

A part of my less is MORE lifestyle now includes Acceptance.

Let me explain>>>

It started out like this, the words in my head:

You have pushed yourself too hard.
This is the result.
You got sick.
You need to slow down.

New words of acceptance floating in my mind:


Get over it. Get a grip.
Go with the flow.
Move on. 
This is not your fault.
You are doing and always do your best.

Now I know catching the flu is not life altering. I get it. But this lesson is HUGE for me. Don’t criticize yourself, Carolyn. It is alright. All will be fine.


It is a good thing don’t you think?

the handbag

Recently I watched several episodes of “Leave it to Beaver”, the sitcom which first aired here in the USA in 1957 BC [ even Before Carolyn ].

I enjoy watching old television series because they take me back to a moment when time seemed to slow down and life was valued more. Everything seemed to be done with thought, the dress, the work, the homelife and family interaction.

Looking back, some might say those old television series were just corny. Not me.

Now trust me, I am not so naive as to believe that life was not always like this but well in my dreams and in my mind it must have been a wonderful time to live>>>

When the telephone rang someone took a message [ on paper ]
Family dinners included conversations
And Sundays were special.

A good example of this lifestyle, I believe, can be found in the role of the mother in this series, June Cleaver. The respect she was shown in the family hierarchy, manner in which she dressed, the way she prepared the evening meal with a dainty  pearl necklace … I love it.

And her

Today there are so many styles of handbags:

Over the body,
Hung over your back
The tote
Those wrist things

And the styles all seem to have motion in mind… run here, run there, they are utilitarian.

But in June’s wardrobe you found an elegant, graceful and charming handbag, that probably housed a handkerchief, mirror, lipstick and a few dollars. It hung delightfully on her wrist.


And so when recently I cleared out a closet and found a handbag of my mother’s I immediately took possession of it.

This fits well into my less is MORE lifestyle.


A slower pace.

Get it? 

Do you have a memory or item that takes you back to this time? I would love to know in the comments box below.

that junk drawer

minimalism, minimalist, junk drawers

Last week I made a small purchase.When

I returned home I realized I really did not need the


The old Carolyn would have tossed the item

in a drawer. Never to be seen again…. “saved”

just in case…. which by the way, never happens.

The new less is MORE Carolyn sees things


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No more junk drawers filled with items

that just collect dust. Things that just

cause confusion.

New theme>>




less is MORE.


If I find I don’t I need a item I have purchased,

I return it. After all that “widget” might just be the

missing piece someone else is looking for.It

might put a smile on someone else’s face 🙂


NO more junk drawers.




less is more…always

this is not minimalism

this is NOT less is MORE.

this is just silly and has nothing
to do what I stand for.
my less is more lifestyle is realizing
that you can have a perfectly
exceptional life with less “stuff”.

less “stuff” means not only less physical items
and less “stuff’ that has no place in
your head.

and I have found out that less things
floating around in my head allows me
to grow, lead a peaceful life and bring
joy to those around me.

this is a less is more life.

#lessismore….always folks.

easing into your day

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I have a box next to my bed where I keep ideas for these
posts. I am probably like you, my greatest ideas [ so I think ]
come just as I am about to fall asleep.

You too?

I guess this is because our minds and bodies are relaxing, switching
off so to speak.

A few weeks back I wrote an article about breaking your routine
and sometimes that is a good thing, sort of an adventure. But today
I want to talk about the positive aspects of a routine.


Easing into your day.

I learned something recently. I have a holiday guest staying
with me for a while.

Each morning he wakes up and switches on the tablet and looks
at the news, he might turn on the radio or television AND this
is so unlike anything I do.

I ease into my day [ routine or no routine ] and I cannot
imagine starting my day any other way.

I walk Miss Evie, cause a girl has got to go after such a long

I then do some quite meditating. A dear friend just gave me a
great app called Calm. Google it, it is great.

I then do some reading and writing [ in today’s environment it is
called journaling – but at the end of the day it is writing ] I write
my thoughts, my ideas and the people, events and things
that have brought me joy.

I ease into my day.

No loud music
No loud noise from the television.

Now I know this is not possible for everyone. I get it>>>

I encourage you to ease into your day the best you can, it is so
rewarding, it is so calming and peaceful.


Try it and let me know in our Facebook group or hit
that reply button and fill me in.

less is more,my friend
less is more.

a balanced life


The old me did not have a clue as to what constituted a
balanced life.

Today I woke up very early, made myself a cup of tea and
crawled back into bed to read.

The old me would never have done that.

The old me would have jumped onto computer and started to

The old me did not realize that that sort of drive did not
produce more, but less.

Do you see a theme here?

The old me never understood that in order to succeed in
life you [ finger pointing ] you must have balance.


Faith… and I could go on…

Do you live a balanced life?

so why not >>>gift ideas for Fort Lauderdale

I have a suggestion.

But first let me set the scene.

Black Friday is behind us [ don’t get me started on this one ] and the
big countdown to the December holidays.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas tis the season
to shop. A lot.

Crowded malls,
Crowded parking,
Crowds of people.

This year why not turn back the clocks to a time when>>>>

You made a card.
You made a gift

All by hand.
With thought
And with care.

No standing on lines
No mad dash to spend crazy amounts of money.



Why not?

less is MORE | the coffee trick

less is more coffee

So they say drinking too much caffeine is bad for you. It
is said that consuming excess amounts of coffee or tea is


Hey as I mature this is the last thing I want to do… we
are talking wrinkles here and well…. enough said.


In this battle to stay hydrated I have got into the habit of
drinking water, a lot of water.

And [ here is today’s tip ]

I use a smaller cup to drink my morning coffee. Sounds
simple but it works.

Me thinks that because there is less to drink I savor every
sip. And a bonus is because I am savoring every mouthful I tend
to drink slower.

I stop
I drink
I think

It’s a really good trick.

Let me know if you try it…

You know the drill…less is MORE…always