Minimalism and a dog’s life in Davie, Florida

a dogs life in Davie Florida Less is MOREThis morning I was sitting in the doggie
park watching Miss Evie greet her day in Davie, Florida.

Sniff, sniff here,
Toilet action there.

And other things.

Like looking at the clouds above,
Watching the birds fly,
Have a good smell of the air around,
Running after a squirrel that tormented her,
Lounging on the green carpet under her round [ and cute ] belly.

Not a care in the world. Miss Evie lives a minimalist life!

And it occurred to me…

Just maybe we should all live a dog’s life.

Let me explain.

Miss Evie takes life easy.
She does not want for anything [ really ].
She is satisfied with what she has, she does not need “stuff”
….and ole shoe is sufficient.
It appears that she is happy.
She does not have to prove her value to me or any other four legged creatures.

Miss Evie is her own ” woman” so to speak :).

She stops often to smell the roses.

So maybe,
Just maybe, if you were able to speak directly to her..

I reckon she would say

Stop, roll in the grass, stick out your tongue, don’t take life so seriously and

Less is MORE you Humans, less is MORE.