like a herd of cattle

Hey I am all into this internet, social media and smartphone thing.

I have made friends all over the world and have found old acquaintances from college and high school here on Facebook.[ I was not popular in high school but that is a topic for another post.]

I get the whole thing.

But here is something I don’t understand at all and it is best described in a scene that played out recently in front of my own eyes.

Recently I was at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. The “girl” and I just finished our lunch at one of the eateries and we took a seat on a bench to savor the afternoon sunshine and atmosphere.

From my right appeared four millennials – two couples walking two by two – women by women,in front of the two men by men. [ think herd of cattle ]

Heads down, all engaged with their smartphones.

No conversation.

At all.

Fast forward thirty minutes


Who appeared to my left…that herd of cattle.

Two couples walking the same pattern – walking two by two – women by women in front of the two men by men.


Not a single word spoken between them. Heads down.Tapping away.

If they were they “speaking “ with each other, I have no clue.

Now call me old fashioned [ please ] but I DO NOT GET IT.

Have we gone too far?
Has the art of simple conversation died?
Do we really no longer want to enjoy each others company?
How can a piece of machinery, a smartphone, be more interesting that a person? Hey>>>

Is eye contact a lost art?

I find this so sad, not only to the “cattle” but to society as a whole. You and I, all of us will not be around in fifty years but can you imagine what it is going to be like? It might be very quiet with the lack of decent conversation. Who knows, the human race might lose their ability to speak…

If you have read this post till the end, I would love to hear your thoughts…