less is MORE | the concept

For me the “less is MORE” lifestyle addresses two areas.

I would say it has less to do with less stuff >>>

but MORE to do with less working, less “pushing”, a less of a need to prove myself, the song, “I am woman” is floating now in my head.

Granted, over the years, I have accumulated less stuff, less baggage and for me, this is a good thing.

I guess this was the start of the journey. And I must say having this whole experience has been very rewarding.

Everything in my “physical world” is neat and tidy. I know where everything is, what I own and everything has a purpose. Funny, if I feel the need to run out and buy something for the sake of purchasing a “must have item” I know something is wrong in my world.

But for me, the less is MORE lifestyle I have created has been more of a stop, rest, review and redirect/ refocus my life. Quiet contemplation. And, thank goodness, I have learned to do this in many areas of my life.

A big part of this journey has been learning to trust my gut.

To stop.

Hey,  don’t think by any means I am any less determined or driven or that I am depriving myself of the latest must have thing.

I am not.


Come to think of it quite the opposite.

I simply have learned that it is fine, it is okay,  it is necessary to stop.

And the results.

Call it a clique but a finer take on life in so many areas. I clearer view of what is in front of me, the choices to make and the potential results, an appreciation of all that I have in terms of material items and the journeys I have taken.

All those lessons- which sort of brings me back full circle to the journey of my less is MORE lifestyle.

Funny that.

less is MORE…. always.