it may be a cliche…

carolyn chebaro lless is moreA place for everything and everything in its place .You have probably

heard this expression as a child growing up but man is it true.  

This mindset can be implement in both your personal and business life.

Here you are…

You see if I know where my possessions are I feel content. I feel

In “order”.


In a weird sort of way, I feel like I am respectful of my belongings.

They all have a value to me. They have their own place.


This applies to both my personal life and my business. Shoes are

In one place, spare keys in another [ which as you know are a major

concern to me! ]

In business for example, Client files are in a cloud, accounts payable are all set up, marketing to my soulmate clients is place and ready to roll.

And on and on.

I love this concept because, well you can stay focused.

So your momma was right you know… a place for everything and everything

In its place has real value in today’s world.