I am so inspired by this picture [ and saddened at the same time ].

carolyn chebaro less is more air travel and societyThe two dapperly dressed passengers, the woman boarding the airplane and the gentleman with the dashing hat are my grandparents. This picture was taken in the early 1950s, WBC [ Way Before Carolyn ].

Can you see the red rose corsage my grandmother is sporting? My grandfather was an accountant and was invited to Europe by one of his clients. Both my mother and grandmother accompanied him.

Imagine traveling across the cold waters of the Atlantic in a plane of this type. There were no jet engines at that time only the whirling of the propellers. They traveled north along the eastern coast and crossed the waters at the closest points between the old and new worlds.

This journey today takes six hours ; then it took over thirteen hours of flying time.

As the picture reveals how they traveled with style and grace. If you have followed my posts you will know I long for the times of yesteryear. Formalities. Elegance. Respect. Order.

Recently I had to collect a friend at the airport here in Fort Lauderdale. I was saddened by what I experienced and saw.

It was a nightmare and a reflection on how far we, as a society have fallen. It seems anything goes, all is acceptable, and in so many ways.

There was no order. People scrambling in all directions with little regard for others. Pushing and shoving to get to where they want to go.

No respect.


People with heads pointed downward, fingers tapping on smartphones, creating havoc as they traverse.

And the noise…

Voices screaming loudly into cell phones with absolutely no regard for others around them. Let me say, some things are best said in private. It is the dirty laundry effect.

And the dress…

Have I missed the memo? Is it suitable now to travel with ripped shorts and flip flops? Have we forgotten what appropriate actually is? I think so.

Our society today : Untidy, messy, careless.

There is not much more to say but as I come to a conclusion:

Do we want to live a life full of elegance, respect, and order .


One of undignified chaos, confusion, and sloppiness.

For me, there is no contest.

What about you?