full disclosure [ this post might irritate you ]

I debated whether to hit the publish button… but well, I would not be try to myself if I did not.

So here goes…

If there is ONE thing that annoys the heck of me it is this thing that is attached to age. It seems that far too many people judge their health and actions based on that number.

“It sticks to get old” –
“This is what happens when you get old”
“This does not work”
“This hurts”
“I cannot do this, I cannot eat that”


I am counting the days to I retire. [ grrrrrrr ]

Sometimes I simply want to squeal

One question [ or perhaps two ]

Does it make you feel better to complain?
Will it make your bits and pieces that are bothering you magically cure themselves?
Do you realize that your words are things? That what you say has a mysterious way of coming to fruition?

Be warned.

I am not going to tolerate this doom and gloom attitude any longer.

If you are in my company I am going to:

Change the subject
Walk away…. toodles, arrivederci, ciao baby, see ya.

These“Devotees of Downdon” forget how blessed they are to have traveled this road to maturity.

Do they realize how much you have learned along your way?
Do they truly understand the strides you have made in your life?
The people you have touched…


While we cannot turn back the hands of time, and really why would you want to, be grateful that you are here.
I want to hear less complaining folks, more joy, more gratitude. Open your eyes and your mind.

less is MORE people, less is more.