friends vs acquaintances

carolyn chebaro less is more

So here is the thing…

I can remember when I was young my Grandfather saying to me
“ In life, if you have one good friend you are very lucky”.

I never really understood this until many years later.


This is so true.

Many people have pasted in my direction.
Meandered in and out of my life.

There are people sent to teach us.
To send us message, a lesson if you like.
These are the acquaintances.


Then there are the friends.

Those people who through thick and thin,
Have stuck by your side.
They have seen you at your worse and they
Have seen you shine [ brightly ].

They have been your greatest fan and supporter.

And they don’t have to live nearby

Or even in your neighborhood,
Or even in the same state,
Or county


Friends vs Acquaintances…
a less is MORE analogy

Interesting right!