flying time

Short and sweet this week with a burning question…

Why does time fly by so quickly?

I was making a purchase online and had to fill in the expiration date on my debit card.


And it really really hit me…we are now living in 2019. How did this happen?

Time just flies by and I would really love your thoughts on this topic.

Why do you think life just wizzes by as we “mature”? I can CLEARLY remember when we all anxiously awaited the new millennium, unsure what would happen in our computer run existence when the “1” changed into a “2”.

Heck>>>I remember when I was 14 years old and telling everyone, not this year, not next year but the next year I will get my driving license.

Could it be that we are so wound up in daily life we somehow forget to just live and appreciate each moment? Or is God playing a nasty trick on us [ I don’t think so ]?

I await your thoughts; maybe together we can understand this all.