This is going to be a longer post, fasten your seat belts, you have been warned.

I am going to write this blog post in two sections, let’s say episodes. I will tie the two together at the end, so please stick around.

Episode One.

It is said that fear is public enemy number one. Fear stops you from moving forward in life be it fear of a new job,fear of moving, fear of a relationship, fear of starting that diet or an exercising regime because you think you might fail. [ Heaven forbid ]

I get this concept and from my experiences on this planet this is true. Fear is nasty.

What about you?

I think it is so easy to disguise your fear, give it a different title or name.

“ I don’t have the time….the funds… people will laugh… I am too old… I tried “it” and it did not work..laa dee dah…”


All excuses.

Now if you really don’t want to change your eating habits own up. There is nothing wrong in speaking the truth to yourself. Making excuses, to me does you more harm than good.

Episode Two

This past week I walked in front of a neighbor’s kitchen window.I live in a condo so there is a public walkway past the homes. I was telling someone that the kitchen had a window . I was unable to actually look inside as the blinds were drawn close. Nothing devious or illegal in doing in this action on my part.

The next morning I received a text

“Carolyn I am out of town and saw you were looking into my front window..is there something I can do for you?”

Nothing nasty really but well that is how I took the tone of the text.

And then it dawned on me [ slow learner ] that she obviously had a camera watching me. While on vacation this neighbor took the time to watch a recording of me walking down the corridor.

Amazing. I would not waste my time.

I guess this is something I would never do. It won’t even cross my mind.

And now>>>

In conclusion,

Now as I said last week I get the internet and all its value and I appreciate it. HOWEVER,
with it’s value comes the essence of fear.

Why would anyone, away on a holiday feel the need to monitor who comes to their front door?

Why waste your time, especially if you are far away?


Fear that something, someone might break into their home. Fear that you might be robbed. Fear that your privacy might be invaded? I think If you are away from your home for any length of time by the time you get back the nasty deed is over.

Sadly, there are many companies that feed into that fear.

My question to you is has today’s environment, with the world wide web, increased our suspicion and our fear of each other? Has this mindset increased the negative activities in our society? Do you bring on the bad because you think about it?

Is dread,horror and anxiety marketed to us? Yes of course it is.


Do you draw the negativity to you? [ just like that new job you will never get because if you are honest with yourself, you never really wanted it ]

These are questions I put to you. I would love your thoughts on this topic.

Let me know below…