everything has a purpose

I read somewhere that one of the ways to really get in touch with nature is to walk on grass. If you can meander barefoot, all the better.

I guess part of this theory is to get yourself out in the fresh air and open spaces.

Deep breaths.
Clear your mind.
Feel the freedom.

In nature everything has its own place- birds in the trees, worms in the ground, sun in the sky. And it all works just fine.

But when it gets out of kilter, say climate change there is havoc. This we see all around us.

Think of the bees…

And so the same works with my less is MORE strategy.

Let me explain…

Everything in its place [ like the sun in sky ]
Everything has meaning and a purpose. [ like the corn in the field which feeds us ]
You have more space – More air to breath [ like the beaches lining the Atlantic Ocean ]

Your life flows.

Deep breaths
Clear mental mindset
Freedom to live with less stress.

So when you go outside the next time, have a look at all in nature. Everything has a purpose, everything has a place….

Is this done by accident? Me thinks not. We all can learn from this.

less is MORE… always