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carolyn chebaro less is more


If it seems like I am always nagging

or harping on something.

Like an old woman or a spouse.


I am not.

These posts are simply my opinion.

Opinion you ask? What does she [ Carolyn ] have to say now?

Glad you asked.

I don’t get the obsession woman, and probably men have with shopping malls and shopping in general as a pass time.

It appears to me that shopping is a hobby to too many people.

How sad.

Why in the world would you want to spend a sunny afternoon in a closed off building- with hundreds if not thousands people all spending money they probably don’t have, buying items they probably do not need.

Eating junk food from a food court that is so bad for your health.

Geezzz I am on a roll now…

What internal need does shopping fill?
What is missing?
Where have we, as a society, gone wrong?

Has the world gone mad?

What happened to the time when on a weekend you would spend this time with family? Or play a sport in the fresh air, have and meal and conversations with friends, relax in a park, visit an elderly relative or neighbor, go to a play or movie, for goodness sake… read a book…. I could go on but you get my drift.

I better calm down…. easy Carolyn, get a grip.

Well, at the end of the day, we all have the right to live our lives as as we see fit. I guess there is no wrong or right, BUT I ask you to ponder.

To stop.

To think.

Is spending time shopping worthy of your time? What is the real reason you spend time walking the halls of your local mall.

I am signing out now, I have had my rant.

You know my thoughts on this all

less is MORE… Always

P.S. If you have read this post, here is an article that well, rocks me to the core. 🙁

rainy day purchases :(

carolyn chebaro less is moreRecently I was in a friend’s kitchen. She was cleaning out her

cabinets. I noticed she had two large containers of restaurant sized

cinnamon sticks.

I reckon if you lay those logs of deliciousness end to end they would

reach into the middle of Atlantic Ocean.


When I asked my friend “Why in the world would any one family [of two] need to purchase miles and miles of this spice”

[Okay I was a bit more tack full, just ]

The answer I received was  “ They were on sale and I never know when I might need them”.

The rainy day purchase concept in full bloom.


Come on!

You must be joking!

Now I get it, trying to save a bit here and a bit there when an item is on sale. Buying items for that rainy day that is another story.

Let’s be reasonable.

When was the last time you purchased something for the “chance

In a million” time you might use that widget, paper dollie or spare car antenna?

Think long and hard.

Rainy day purchases, hogwash.

They almost never happen.


Less is MORE….always.

it may be a cliche…

carolyn chebaro lless is moreA place for everything and everything in its place .You have probably

heard this expression as a child growing up but man is it true.  

This mindset can be implement in both your personal and business life.

Here you are…

You see if I know where my possessions are I feel content. I feel

In “order”.


In a weird sort of way, I feel like I am respectful of my belongings.

They all have a value to me. They have their own place.


This applies to both my personal life and my business. Shoes are

In one place, spare keys in another [ which as you know are a major

concern to me! ]

In business for example, Client files are in a cloud, accounts payable are all set up, marketing to my soulmate clients is place and ready to roll.

And on and on.

I love this concept because, well you can stay focused.

So your momma was right you know… a place for everything and everything

In its place has real value in today’s world.



The “old” way

carolyn chebaro less is moreRecently, Miss Evie and I, she is the one smiling in the picture, took a dander up to West Palm Beach.

[ You might of heard of West Palm Beach as a certain president has a home up there.]

I love the drive up to this eastern coast of Florida.There are some pretty cool views of the Atlantic Ocean. If I close my eyes I can see them in my mind’s eye now as I type. Life slows down driving up that two lane road for me.


The journey is about 1 ½ hours.

There is an elegant street in West Palm Beach called Worth Avenue. Every chic designer shop

Can be found lining the tree lined street there:, YSL,Tiffany, Brooks Brothers … the lot. Off the main thoroughfare are snazzy shops and eateries. The appearance and ambiance is very European and the whole atmosphere reeks of sophistication [ and money].

This part  of the Sunshine State is home to many billionaires. Sprinkled about them are those residents that come from “old” money , meaning their wealth was been passed down from generation to generation.


Here is I LOVE about Worth Avenue.

The“old” way the shops close at 5:30 pm and they are closed on Sunday.



Do you remember when stores, clothing, grocery, hardware to name a few called it a day and closed up, went home in the late afternoon or early evening? We all spent time with the family at a dining room table together. Laughter, Stories. Fun.

Somehow as a consumer you were able to purchase all you needed, you planned your day. Enough was enough. The term “shop till you drop” was never in vogue.

For me, life seemed more rounded.

I know it might be difficult to recall, and for some of you that concept is completely alien but gosh, I miss those times.The days when consumerism and beating the Jones’ was not a national hobby and pastime.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not one to look back and say “ those good ole days” because,

Well I know life goes on and things change.[ I get it ]


This does not mean I, you, me, we have to participate in this type of lifestyle. I would like to think

We can all can create our own way of living.

A time when you simply called it a day. Rest. Reflect. Await tomorrow to bring new adventures, experiences, expectations.

Less is MORE my friends.

Less is MORE.

my God moment

carolyn chebaro minimalism, less is more, lifestyle

I recently decided to listen to podcasts in the car [ better the mind and all that stuff ].

Tootling down the road I had my eyes on the road and my ears listening to someone

Talk about ways to have a calm lifestyle.

I am all into this stuff.


Did you know that one way to reduce stress is to stop and look at something green?

Who knew!

You are probably thinking, trees, grass, mountains and hill>>>right?

Fast forward.

I was stopped at a traffic light, first in line to take off when the lights changed [ and I usually put the pedal to the metal as soon as the lights change their color- bad habit I know ]

Zoom Zoom

And the lights turned green… GREEN. I did a double take, GREEN.

I looked at those traffic lights twice.


I hesitated to proceed forward.


And then to my right, out of the corner of my eye a red car ran the traffic light, four lanes of traffic to boot right past me.


Had I not been listening to that podcast about the color green>>>well I suspect I would not be putting together this blog post.

Grateful, so grateful for…

my God moment

The hairdryer

carolyn chebaro less is more minamilism

Let me set the scene.

A few days ago I had  to go into a neighbor’s house [ leaky pipes causing havoc ] After viewing the dastardly deed I was introduced to the man of the house’s new wife.

The lady, perhaps a few years younger than me was sitting under one of those “old fashioned hair dryers”. Her hair was in rollers .She was reading a magazine.

You remember them- a domed contraption that you sit under, air is forced out and your hair is dried.

Of course you do!  

Those are memories of my youth and time spent with my mother. Good times, fond memories.


I got to thinking.

Who on earth has time to do that, to sit patiently and well, quite frankly, do very little. But perhaps we need to … YES we all need to.  



Gather our thoughts.

Do nothing.

Take care of ourselves.

Do less but achieve so much more. It just seems like the right thing to do

Who is with me?