a simple idea…

This past week I was shopping in a nearby big box store.  I observed something that interested me and thought I would pass this idea on to you.

As I stood in the line to make my  purchase [ turtle food for Hennrietta ] The woman in front of me was paying for several bags of bird seed.

She paid with a debit card. It is SO easy to spend with a debit/credit card… pull out the card…slide…spend…next….more.


Before putting the card back in her wallet she made note in her check registry, the book that is issued when you pay with a check. YES, I know the rest of the world has probably done away with checks but we here in the USA seem to be lagging in this area.


I thought this was genius! A great way to be mindful of spending, time and energy used.

Now I am sure there are apps that one can use to daily track your spending but for me, having to write in a book or a registry of any kind is perfect. I have started to do this. It has caused me to be conscientious of the money I spend, in a way it slows me down and in a really strange way it is very satisfying.

Who would have known!!!


If you try this let me know.

less is MORE… always.


that “A” word

I am back.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I caught that darn ole flu.
“He” took me down for nearly two weeks [ I say ‘He” because I am convinced a “She” would never have made me so miserable and sick ].

During this time I discovered I have a fault. SHOCK- HORROR. Here it goes…

I tend to criticize myself far too often.


During this down time I learned something new I would like to share with you.

A part of my less is MORE lifestyle now includes Acceptance.

Let me explain>>>

It started out like this, the words in my head:

You have pushed yourself too hard.
This is the result.
You got sick.
You need to slow down.

New words of acceptance floating in my mind:


Get over it. Get a grip.
Go with the flow.
Move on. 
This is not your fault.
You are doing and always do your best.

Now I know catching the flu is not life altering. I get it. But this lesson is HUGE for me. Don’t criticize yourself, Carolyn. It is alright. All will be fine.


It is a good thing don’t you think?

the handbag

Recently I watched several episodes of “Leave it to Beaver”, the sitcom which first aired here in the USA in 1957 BC [ even Before Carolyn ].

I enjoy watching old television series because they take me back to a moment when time seemed to slow down and life was valued more. Everything seemed to be done with thought, the dress, the work, the homelife and family interaction.

Looking back, some might say those old television series were just corny. Not me.

Now trust me, I am not so naive as to believe that life was not always like this but well in my dreams and in my mind it must have been a wonderful time to live>>>

When the telephone rang someone took a message [ on paper ]
Family dinners included conversations
And Sundays were special.

A good example of this lifestyle, I believe, can be found in the role of the mother in this series, June Cleaver. The respect she was shown in the family hierarchy, manner in which she dressed, the way she prepared the evening meal with a dainty  pearl necklace … I love it.

And her

Today there are so many styles of handbags:

Over the body,
Hung over your back
The tote
Those wrist things

And the styles all seem to have motion in mind… run here, run there, they are utilitarian.

But in June’s wardrobe you found an elegant, graceful and charming handbag, that probably housed a handkerchief, mirror, lipstick and a few dollars. It hung delightfully on her wrist.


And so when recently I cleared out a closet and found a handbag of my mother’s I immediately took possession of it.

This fits well into my less is MORE lifestyle.


A slower pace.

Get it? 

Do you have a memory or item that takes you back to this time? I would love to know in the comments box below.

this is not minimalism

this is NOT less is MORE.

this is just silly and has nothing
to do what I stand for.
my less is more lifestyle is realizing
that you can have a perfectly
exceptional life with less “stuff”.

less “stuff” means not only less physical items
and less “stuff’ that has no place in
your head.

and I have found out that less things
floating around in my head allows me
to grow, lead a peaceful life and bring
joy to those around me.

this is a less is more life.

#lessismore….always folks.

easing into your day

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I have a box next to my bed where I keep ideas for these
posts. I am probably like you, my greatest ideas [ so I think ]
come just as I am about to fall asleep.

You too?

I guess this is because our minds and bodies are relaxing, switching
off so to speak.

A few weeks back I wrote an article about breaking your routine
and sometimes that is a good thing, sort of an adventure. But today
I want to talk about the positive aspects of a routine.


Easing into your day.

I learned something recently. I have a holiday guest staying
with me for a while.

Each morning he wakes up and switches on the tablet and looks
at the news, he might turn on the radio or television AND this
is so unlike anything I do.

I ease into my day [ routine or no routine ] and I cannot
imagine starting my day any other way.

I walk Miss Evie, cause a girl has got to go after such a long

I then do some quite meditating. A dear friend just gave me a
great app called Calm. Google it, it is great.

I then do some reading and writing [ in today’s environment it is
called journaling – but at the end of the day it is writing ] I write
my thoughts, my ideas and the people, events and things
that have brought me joy.

I ease into my day.

No loud music
No loud noise from the television.

Now I know this is not possible for everyone. I get it>>>

I encourage you to ease into your day the best you can, it is so
rewarding, it is so calming and peaceful.


Try it and let me know in our Facebook group or hit
that reply button and fill me in.

less is more,my friend
less is more.

a balanced life


The old me did not have a clue as to what constituted a
balanced life.

Today I woke up very early, made myself a cup of tea and
crawled back into bed to read.

The old me would never have done that.

The old me would have jumped onto computer and started to

The old me did not realize that that sort of drive did not
produce more, but less.

Do you see a theme here?

The old me never understood that in order to succeed in
life you [ finger pointing ] you must have balance.


Faith… and I could go on…

Do you live a balanced life?

so why not >>>gift ideas for Fort Lauderdale

I have a suggestion.

But first let me set the scene.

Black Friday is behind us [ don’t get me started on this one ] and the
big countdown to the December holidays.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas tis the season
to shop. A lot.

Crowded malls,
Crowded parking,
Crowds of people.

This year why not turn back the clocks to a time when>>>>

You made a card.
You made a gift

All by hand.
With thought
And with care.

No standing on lines
No mad dash to spend crazy amounts of money.



Why not?

less is MORE | the coffee trick

less is more coffee

So they say drinking too much caffeine is bad for you. It
is said that consuming excess amounts of coffee or tea is


Hey as I mature this is the last thing I want to do… we
are talking wrinkles here and well…. enough said.


In this battle to stay hydrated I have got into the habit of
drinking water, a lot of water.

And [ here is today’s tip ]

I use a smaller cup to drink my morning coffee. Sounds
simple but it works.

Me thinks that because there is less to drink I savor every
sip. And a bonus is because I am savoring every mouthful I tend
to drink slower.

I stop
I drink
I think

It’s a really good trick.

Let me know if you try it…

You know the drill…less is MORE…always

Birch Box [ and others that can clutter your life ]

birchbox clutter Do you pay for a monthly subscription box?

It seems to be all the rage today to purchase what I call “discovery boxes”.
These are the monthly subscription boxes to sample products be it
beauty items, food and wines, stationery, goodies for your pets,
hygiene products for men [ razors ] and socks to name a few.

I suppose as a manufacturer, these boxes are a great way to gain
exposure and sell more of their product. And I guess this concept
could be used for testing an product. Great idea.

When one of the original offerings, BirchBox came to market, I was all in.

Each month I waited patiently for my boxed goodies to arrive in the
mail. This was sort of like Christmas in July. The BirchBox arrived with the
sample products all neatly tucked under a blanket of tissue paper.
There was, and probably still is a description card detailing all the lotion,
potions and makeups. Heaven.

Then about three months into my subscription I realized that I was
starting a collection of unused and unwanted products. This made
the products that I did enjoy very expensive. More importantly I cannot
say I actually went out and purchased any of the items I “loved”.


Come to think of it, I think I even saved the boxes. Talking about clutter!

So I cancelled the subscription and I had a clear out.

I think it is so easy to be sucked into these subscription/discovery boxes.
The idea of receiving “ this known parcel of goodies ” each month can be
very alluring and well, sort of intoxicating.

“What will the box contain this month? Will the stationary be pink or blue?
Will the wine be Argentine or Australian? Will Miss Evie love her new toy? “


I get the concept. However I would suggest if you have a monthly
subscription[s] that you consider if the box and its contents are adding value to your
I would recommend that you ask yourself is there a purpose to this monthly expense?


Are you adding to your clutter, your “stuff?
Are you just caught up in the hype of marketing and receiving the “ latest and greatest” each month?

It is your call.

Just my observation.

As always, less is MORE

10 Ways to clean out in Fort Lauderdale.

The journey to a less is MORE lifestyle, a
minimalist way of living starts with one

It starts with a decision to clean out, clear out, remove
clutter from your life.

An easy way to get into a less is MORE, minimalist mindset is
to remove clutter that no longer serves a purpose, adds value or
meaning to your life.

Simplicity is the start.

It’s a clear out of your stuff that is dead weight.

As you go through your home, garage, car or storage facility remember to ask two important declutter questions.

Does this item add value to my life?
Does this item have a purpose?

To help you along the way, I have created a list of ways

Trade-In items in the Fort Lauderdale.

Note: Many of the companies are nationwide so “google them
to find your local organization and drop off points.

Sell It Yourself

There are two general ways to sell your unwanted items.

[1] Online
[2] The old fashion way- in person method

Let’s first look online. There are a variety of online
websites that you can use to sell your belongings. Some are free
and others charge a percentage of the sales price or a posting fee.

Below I have listed four websites to explore:

Everything But The House
Facebook Marketplace

Here is a list of apps that can also add to your arsenal:


A great feature of these sights is that you can easily take a picture of
the items with your smartphone, press a few buttons and you are done.
Depending on what you are selling you will be amazed how quickly you get offers.

That’s right, you post a sales price of the item but expect some
negotiating. It is all part of the game.

Yard Sales help you declutter

declutter your stuff with a yard sale

You could take on the challenge and put up a few tables, buy a few Yard Sale
signs and sell your stuff in your own backyard or garage.


What about getting your entire community involved
for a community clean out and clear out? Good way to meet the neighbors too!

If you have a yard sale in Fort Lauderdale and have items that did not sell you and  just want to part company with them many cities in Broward County have a yard sale disposal program including Coconut Creek, Hollywood,
Lighthouse Point, Oakland Park, Parkland, Pembroke Park, Sea Ranch Lakes and Weston.

I suggest heading over to your local city website for further information.

Here is the bulk pickup schedule in Davie.

Taking it a bit further,

Rent a space in the Swap Shop and clear out.

rent a stall at the swap shop

The Swap Shop in Sunrise offers a daily rate. Twelve million people visit the
Swap Shop yearly. You have a good chance of selling your items with that amount of traffic and potential buyers.

Daily and weekly rates are available in this busy outdoor market. The Swap Shop opens early to allow you to set up and according to the Swap Shop website the fee is only $5 per day.

Specialty Stores are a good way to remove clutter from your space.

There are several specialty stores that will also purchase your unwanted items such as coins, jewelry, stamps and other collections.

If you are selling your jewelry consider speaking with the following:

Morningstar’s in Hollywood
Peoples Pawn and Jewelry  in Davie
Goldfellow is located Pines Pembroke Pines

Both Kay Jewelers and Zales will allow you to trade in your diamonds. They promote trading up but this is object of this exercise remember…

Less is MORE.

Several companies in the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas will buy coins.

One such company is located in Lauderdale by the Sea, Commercial Rare Coins
and Precious Metals. There is the Fort Lauderdale Coin Club in Plantation also.
A simple google search will produce more offerings. If you can get a recommendation all the better, if not at least look for a google review.

Tropical Stamps and Coins in Fort Lauderdale is another choice for selling
stamp collections.

Another way to clear out is to look at your local Fort Lauderdale Consignment Shop. These stores come in all shapes and sizes. The concept here is you allow
a third party, the consignment shop to sell your goods. When the item is sold  they take a percentage of the sale.

There are consignment shops in Fort Lauderdale that will sell your clothing,
furniture [ some specialize in children’s furniture ], vintage items and decor
items. These all will help you on your way to becoming a minimalist in Fort Lauderdale.

Other companies that will buy your stuff include:

plus 1
vestiaire collective

Trade In Programs help you simplify

Trade in programs for techy/mobile phones are listed below. These are NOT to be confused with buying more stuff.

GameStop Store

And Best Buy -To find out what store accepts trade ins in Fort Lauderdale fill in this form

Auction Houses are another choice.

[Antiques… You never know the value of what you own ]

Sample Auctions in Hollywood


donate items to the salvation army

American Red Cross
Salvation Army. There are three local stores in Pembroke Pines Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.
Habitat for Humanity ReStores  are located on Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale
Women in Distress in Lighthouse Point and this charity has a store located in Margate.

I recently had dealings with Hope South Florida a local organization that supports our Veterans in the Fort Lauderdale area. Well worth contacting [ imho ]

Reuse-Recycling Centers

Waste Management
Recycle Nation
Computer Recycling In Lauderhill 
Etronic Ewaste Hollywood
Auto Fort Lauderdale , for car parts.

Bulk Pick Up

Many cities in the Fort Lauderdale area offer scheduled bulk pick up. 

Donate to your local Fort Lauderdale Houses of Worship.

I hope you find my list of use. As you declutter you will free not only your
physical space but your mind. I know that is a bold
statement but it works. Do not trust me
but see for yourself.

And as you get rid of unwanted items you will feel
freer, cleaner, less stressed. You will create an
environment where you can literally see the trees through
the forest.

The recommendations above are simply my ideas and thoughts. I hope
the content will help you start your less is MORE minimalism journey. A minimalist lifestyle really is worth looking into 🙂 Carolyn Chebaro less is MORE