Birch Box [ and others that can clutter your life ]

birchbox clutter Do you pay for a monthly subscription box?

It seems to be all the rage today to purchase what I call “discovery boxes”.
These are the monthly subscription boxes to sample products be it
beauty items, food and wines, stationery, goodies for your pets,
hygiene products for men [ razors ] and socks to name a few.

I suppose as a manufacturer, these boxes are a great way to gain
exposure and sell more of their product. And I guess this concept
could be used for testing an product. Great idea.

When one of the original offerings, BirchBox came to market, I was all in.

Each month I waited patiently for my boxed goodies to arrive in the
mail. This was sort of like Christmas in July. The BirchBox arrived with the
sample products all neatly tucked under a blanket of tissue paper.
There was, and probably still is a description card detailing all the lotion,
potions and makeups. Heaven.

Then about three months into my subscription I realized that I was
starting a collection of unused and unwanted products. This made
the products that I did enjoy very expensive. More importantly I cannot
say I actually went out and purchased any of the items I “loved”.


Come to think of it, I think I even saved the boxes. Talking about clutter!

So I cancelled the subscription and I had a clear out.

I think it is so easy to be sucked into these subscription/discovery boxes.
The idea of receiving “ this known parcel of goodies ” each month can be
very alluring and well, sort of intoxicating.

“What will the box contain this month? Will the stationary be pink or blue?
Will the wine be Argentine or Australian? Will Miss Evie love her new toy? “


I get the concept. However I would suggest if you have a monthly
subscription[s] that you consider if the box and its contents are adding value to your
I would recommend that you ask yourself is there a purpose to this monthly expense?


Are you adding to your clutter, your “stuff?
Are you just caught up in the hype of marketing and receiving the “ latest and greatest” each month?

It is your call.

Just my observation.

As always, less is MORE