it is an antique [ and so am I ]

Recently I gave away a rocking chair, one that was mine as a child. It sat in a spare bedroom, all alone, collecting dust.

The chair, like me is an antique.

I will confess, I debated what to do with the chair. After all, in my eyes it [ this wooden thing ] had many stories to tell. She traveled many miles, both literally and figuratively.


if I close my eyes tight, I can see myself as a child rocking back and forth.


I pondered… what to do?

And then it struck me, those memories cannot be taken away from me.

And the chair must find a new home, for other children to enjoy.

To create their own memories.

So into the car the chair went, off to the local Salvation Army. I would like to think into the arms of someone who will also enjoy the rocking back and forth. Creating their own memories.

And now, when I go into that spare bedroom there is an empty space. The room feels lighter, cleaner, clearer. The energy flows with ease.


The memories swirl around in my head. They will never leave.

Less “stuff” MORE memories….always.