“Alexa” play Beethoven

Life as I [we] know is changing.


Sometimes it seems like minute by minute.

Another industrial revolution is taken place in front of our very own eyes.

Case in point this lady, girl, child called Alexa.

For those of us who have not “adopted this imaginary being” into your life Alexa is a device that can act as your personal  electronic/techy virtual assistant. Developed by Amazon, no surprise there.

Alexa can>>>

Order anything online. Control your smart home…
Read a good book to you
Pay bills
Answer mathematical questions for you and practically any other question posed to her.


And play music by Beethoven.

She really is quite marvelous. She is quite and only speaks when she is spoken to. She is really really smart, up to date on all things new and old. She is petite and fits practically anywhere. She is easy to care for and is easily put to bed at night.

Did I mention she is easy to use? Just give her command and well, Bob’s your uncle… your answer is revealed. Amazing.

I recall as a younger person the whispers that robots will replace human beings in the future. It seems like the future is here.

Is this a good thing. Probably. I think so, maybe, who knows.

Will Alexa replace your best friend, well I hope not. But time will tell.

Do you have an Alexa in your life? I would love your thoughts.