If looks could kill [ & interest rates at 27.99% ]

Recently I returned an item I purchased online from Sephora.I rarely buy anything from this store and I have NO idea why I thought I could find the “perfect color red lipstick online”. Marketing. It was one of my fuzzy moments.

Hand on heart- I will never do that again.

As I stood online the young girl in front of me was asked by the Sephora employee if she wanted to apply for a credit card.

The young girl, the child really, looked at me. You could see the temptation in her eyes.


I simply said “ Ask what the interest rate is on the card. How much will you really be paying if you put that bottle of lotion on a credit card”

And she got it!

If looks could kill…I got a look of HATE from the employee.

Sadly and with past regret I fell into that trap. Buy now, pay later. It was only when I sat down and calculated what I was really paying for a purchase made with a credit card that my lightbulb went on.


Fortunately I no longer live in that land of fairytales and plastic cards, a place of buy now and pay twice the amount you should. In part, this is how and why my lifestyle of less is more was born. There are other reasons but that is for another day.

It is sad that we, in the United States are not taught in school basic finances. Perhaps, just perhaps, if we were the way we view our world and what is really necessary would be different.

Less is MORE people, Less is MORE.