a simple idea…

This past week I was shopping in a nearby big box store.  I observed something that interested me and thought I would pass this idea on to you.

As I stood in the line to make my  purchase [ turtle food for Hennrietta ] The woman in front of me was paying for several bags of bird seed.

She paid with a debit card. It is SO easy to spend with a debit/credit card… pull out the card…slide…spend…next….more.


Before putting the card back in her wallet she made note in her check registry, the book that is issued when you pay with a check. YES, I know the rest of the world has probably done away with checks but we here in the USA seem to be lagging in this area.


I thought this was genius! A great way to be mindful of spending, time and energy used.

Now I am sure there are apps that one can use to daily track your spending but for me, having to write in a book or a registry of any kind is perfect. I have started to do this. It has caused me to be conscientious of the money I spend, in a way it slows me down and in a really strange way it is very satisfying.

Who would have known!!!


If you try this let me know.

less is MORE… always.