The Game | Amazon Prime

I do not have an Amazon Prime account. I tried it on a trial but I quickly realized that>>

I don’t buy enough  “stuff”

It is dangerous-simply too easy to buy

But here is the thing. I do use Amazon to buy certain items, books, certain lotion and potions and heavy doggie food for the girl [ a.k.a Miss Evie ].


I get the magic behind this whole process-  I am slow so forgive me….

I recently made two separate purchases.

And each day, I track to see where my items are…where they are on their journey to me. I count the days till they reach my home.

I find this so exciting, AND You have every right to comment below that “ Carolyn you need a life”.

But seriously, this is so marvelous. I can see when items are dispatched, where they [ and their driver stop for coffee so to speak ] and when they can be found outside my front door.

Don’t you think this is cool?

I do.