My Story [ so far ]

Several years ago …

I had the privilege of living in Bucharest, Romania. A country at the time which was just beginning to see the “light of a new day” after a dictatorial government.

It was winter, it was cold, it was dark. In our rented apartment we either had hot water or heat, but not both.

It was gloomy to say the least.

One day, I was bored and decided to clear out my makeup bag, more like a case, a suitcase. I recall throwing away several [ many ] Chanel lipsticks, the ones that today are $37 a pop.

As I went through the ‘ treasures” I recalled why I had purchased each one.

This problem
This issue
This breakup


I realized those purchases were “my make me feel good buys”. Purchasing that went well into the $100’s. Many of those buys traveled back and forth with me across the Atlantic Ocean several times.

What a waste.


I guess that’s where my journey started… but not completely, for there were many more roads to travel.

One of the most recent events

Like many my age I took on the role of caregiver to my dear mother. My life changed and
the whole “ make me feel good buying” was put on hold for two reasons:

I simply did not have the time [ or energy ] to wallow in self pity &
my income was drastically cut. It was overwhelming.

And at the time

the “Wonder Woman Mindset” kicked in. Somehow, I had the notion I could do it all. I could be in control.

Those times were challenging.

The care of my mother
The running of the house
The limited amount of work and income.


my “Wonder Woman Mindset”…well it worked for a while, until it did not. Collapse. I needed help and finally got it.

My life was turned upside down when the caring was no longer necessary. I felt like a ship sailing endlessly in the ocean with no direction.

Finally, I realized that life just happens.

There were few things in life I could control. But I could control my attitude, my stuff, my clutter, and my actions.

And then,

In a quiet moment I recalled those Chanel lipsticks and the meanings I had placed on them. The temporary comfort I found in spending money needlessly. As if by magic, it all came together. The words I once spoke to my mother as she suggested a necklace or scarf to for an outfit came trickling into my mind.

Less is MORE.

I did not need more. I had enough. I needed gratitude. I needed appreciation. I needed simplicity.


gradually over time I have implemented a less is MORE lifestyle.I now realize that I can live a perfectly abundant life with less stuff. I realized that when I cleared out both the physical and “head stuff” I gained control over my thoughts and my actions. I’d like to think that today I make better decisions and choices. As I “mature” I also take better care of myself. Age does not bother me any longer.


I would love to share my journey with you and the reveal all the lessons I have learned.


Now I am ready to take you on your less is MORE journey. A journey where you will discover, as I have, that you can live perfectly abundant life with less.

A venture where you will discover that when you clear out both the physical and “head stuff” you gain control of your thoughts and actions.

You are able to make better decisions and choices.
You are in control of your actions.
You know how to deal with fear, lack and stress… and when they rear their ugly head, they cannot control you… YOU are still in charge.

It all starts with one step. The decision that something needs to change…

Let’s do this!!