The “Art” of doing NOTHING

I don’t know about you but I have to REALLY try when it comes to doing nothing [ oxymoron I know ]

I was not taught how to simply sit and be. And…I am sure many of you would say the same.


However, I have come to realize that this so important. It is almost like an art form… start, design, details, freedom, let it flow, allow “it” to come from your soul.

And yet I still try.

The hum of the air conditioner.
The drone of the refrigerator.
The dog barking in the next garden.


When it works, the trying to do nothing I realize that my greatest moments and thoughts somehow float into my head.

Funny that.

Just for FUN – Vegan =


Less [ NO ] Meat, Dairy, Fish or anything that came from something with an eyelash.
MORE Fruit, Veggies, Legumes,Nuts [ including nut butters],, Seeds [ hemp,flax and chia ] Tofu, Seaweed, Nutritional Yeast, Sprouted & Fermented Plants, Whole Grains, Plant milks, yogurts and cheeses.

simple elegance

I drink coffee, sometimes tea. I cannot say I am a connoisseur of either only that I like what I like.

Like you, I drink my cup coffee in the morning along with small tangerines [ try it is delicious ].

I do not use a mug.

I have found that drinking coffee from a good ole cup and saucer is the best way to savor the coffee and the moment. Somehow the coffee tastes better in fine china. In my opinion you cannot compare the flavor to a ceramic mug and don’t get me started on the paper cups of Starbucks fame.

A cup and saucer,dare I say, is more elegant, more refined and for me creates more of a ritual.

Savoring my morning joe in this way allows me more time and it slows me down. This is my time to contemplate and plan my day, to show gratitude, and have a chat with the man upstairs.

Aside from the shear delight and aroma of my morning java it is interesting what you cannot do…

It is simply impossible to unload the dishwasher or, +++
Iron a blouse or,
Put lippie on or,
Feed the dog [ or cat ].

As evidenced in this picture, You simply mess up.


I encourage you start your day with your beverage of choice in a cup and saucer. It is so worth it. I would love to have a peak at your very own cup and saucer….[ pictures below  most welcomed ] 🙂

full disclosure [ this post might irritate you ]

I debated whether to hit the publish button… but well, I would not be try to myself if I did not.

So here goes…

If there is ONE thing that annoys the heck of me it is this thing that is attached to age. It seems that far too many people judge their health and actions based on that number.

“It sticks to get old” –
“This is what happens when you get old”
“This does not work”
“This hurts”
“I cannot do this, I cannot eat that”


I am counting the days to I retire. [ grrrrrrr ]

Sometimes I simply want to squeal

One question [ or perhaps two ]

Does it make you feel better to complain?
Will it make your bits and pieces that are bothering you magically cure themselves?
Do you realize that your words are things? That what you say has a mysterious way of coming to fruition?

Be warned.

I am not going to tolerate this doom and gloom attitude any longer.

If you are in my company I am going to:

Change the subject
Walk away…. toodles, arrivederci, ciao baby, see ya.

These“Devotees of Downdon” forget how blessed they are to have traveled this road to maturity.

Do they realize how much you have learned along your way?
Do they truly understand the strides you have made in your life?
The people you have touched…


While we cannot turn back the hands of time, and really why would you want to, be grateful that you are here.
I want to hear less complaining folks, more joy, more gratitude. Open your eyes and your mind.

less is MORE people, less is more.

like velcro

I read a lot.

This morning I read something that really struck me.
” Like attracts like” which I always took to be people, meaning you attract similar people to yourself. It is sort of like velcro.
But here is another take on this saying>>>
“Like attracts like with your mindset”.
Good thoughts, good out come.
Negative thoughts, well you know the drill.
Cool right?

If looks could kill [ & interest rates at 27.99% ]

Recently I returned an item I purchased online from Sephora.I rarely buy anything from this store and I have NO idea why I thought I could find the “perfect color red lipstick online”. Marketing. It was one of my fuzzy moments.

Hand on heart- I will never do that again.

As I stood online the young girl in front of me was asked by the Sephora employee if she wanted to apply for a credit card.

The young girl, the child really, looked at me. You could see the temptation in her eyes.


I simply said “ Ask what the interest rate is on the card. How much will you really be paying if you put that bottle of lotion on a credit card”

And she got it!

If looks could kill…I got a look of HATE from the employee.

Sadly and with past regret I fell into that trap. Buy now, pay later. It was only when I sat down and calculated what I was really paying for a purchase made with a credit card that my lightbulb went on.


Fortunately I no longer live in that land of fairytales and plastic cards, a place of buy now and pay twice the amount you should. In part, this is how and why my lifestyle of less is more was born. There are other reasons but that is for another day.

It is sad that we, in the United States are not taught in school basic finances. Perhaps, just perhaps, if we were the way we view our world and what is really necessary would be different.

Less is MORE people, Less is MORE.

I am so inspired by this picture [ and saddened at the same time ].

carolyn chebaro less is more air travel and societyThe two dapperly dressed passengers, the woman boarding the airplane and the gentleman with the dashing hat are my grandparents. This picture was taken in the early 1950s, WBC [ Way Before Carolyn ].

Can you see the red rose corsage my grandmother is sporting? My grandfather was an accountant and was invited to Europe by one of his clients. Both my mother and grandmother accompanied him.

Imagine traveling across the cold waters of the Atlantic in a plane of this type. There were no jet engines at that time only the whirling of the propellers. They traveled north along the eastern coast and crossed the waters at the closest points between the old and new worlds.

This journey today takes six hours ; then it took over thirteen hours of flying time.

As the picture reveals how they traveled with style and grace. If you have followed my posts you will know I long for the times of yesteryear. Formalities. Elegance. Respect. Order.

Recently I had to collect a friend at the airport here in Fort Lauderdale. I was saddened by what I experienced and saw.

It was a nightmare and a reflection on how far we, as a society have fallen. It seems anything goes, all is acceptable, and in so many ways.

There was no order. People scrambling in all directions with little regard for others. Pushing and shoving to get to where they want to go.

No respect.


People with heads pointed downward, fingers tapping on smartphones, creating havoc as they traverse.

And the noise…

Voices screaming loudly into cell phones with absolutely no regard for others around them. Let me say, some things are best said in private. It is the dirty laundry effect.

And the dress…

Have I missed the memo? Is it suitable now to travel with ripped shorts and flip flops? Have we forgotten what appropriate actually is? I think so.

Our society today : Untidy, messy, careless.

There is not much more to say but as I come to a conclusion:

Do we want to live a life full of elegance, respect, and order .


One of undignified chaos, confusion, and sloppiness.

For me, there is no contest.

What about you?

watching from under the kitchen cabinet

carolyn chebaro I will preface this blog post by confessing that I am somewhat of a space geek, and yes that is me in the picture above. I love anything to do with space travel. The real stuff, not the kind you see on television. No Doctor Spock. Real people, real adventure, in real time.

Did you know there is privately funded space travel? Rockets are launched, with and without humans on exploration to the worlds above us. These modern-day pioneers are conducting all sorts of tests, many are for medical purposes. Now I wonder if they are funded by the insurance companies… surely NOT!

And FYI, last year there were over 100 space launches. SpaceX Dragon launched yesterday.

“… on board is a series of investigations involving tissue chips, which are used to simulate human organs. Researchers are hopeful that the chips will help scientists better understand the effects of microgravity on the human body”’

“Microgravity”…. boggles my mind.

Back to my thoughts.

I started to watch another one of these launches today on my smartphone as I headed into the kitchen to prepare my dinner. The phone fit snuggling underneath the kitchen cabinet, right next to the carrots and kale.

The launch was breathtaking and the enthusiastic shouts of those in mission control were inspiring and brought tears in my eyes- [ refer to paragraph one ].

I remember when, as a child, I sat with my grandparents and watched Neil Armstrong put is the first step on the moon. I think I cried even then. As I imagine this incredible feat I am sure that the world stopped breathing as we all, from all over the planet watched in amazement. Fingers and toes crossed. Wonderment.

Yes indeed, life as I [we] know it is changing quickly and without hesitation. Gone are the days when we all huddled around the television to watch a monumental event. Gone on the days when broadcasting ended at midnight.

Pure genius. Imagine designing a vehicle that shoots straight up into the sky. Inside men are transported into the unknown.What about simple things like food, oxygen, and dare I say, toilet facilities on their journey?

Sadly these inventions are dwarfed when compared to the inventions of today. The computers that can be held in your hand, cars driven by themselves, the internet and all that comes with it. Endless.

For me, I never want to forget the sheer magnitude of that first walk on the moon.


Where you around then?





“Alexa” play Beethoven

Life as I [we] know is changing.


Sometimes it seems like minute by minute.

Another industrial revolution is taken place in front of our very own eyes.

Case in point this lady, girl, child called Alexa.

For those of us who have not “adopted this imaginary being” into your life Alexa is a device that can act as your personal  electronic/techy virtual assistant. Developed by Amazon, no surprise there.

Alexa can>>>

Order anything online. Control your smart home…
Read a good book to you
Pay bills
Answer mathematical questions for you and practically any other question posed to her.


And play music by Beethoven.

She really is quite marvelous. She is quite and only speaks when she is spoken to. She is really really smart, up to date on all things new and old. She is petite and fits practically anywhere. She is easy to care for and is easily put to bed at night.

Did I mention she is easy to use? Just give her command and well, Bob’s your uncle… your answer is revealed. Amazing.

I recall as a younger person the whispers that robots will replace human beings in the future. It seems like the future is here.

Is this a good thing. Probably. I think so, maybe, who knows.

Will Alexa replace your best friend, well I hope not. But time will tell.

Do you have an Alexa in your life? I would love your thoughts.

flying time

Short and sweet this week with a burning question…

Why does time fly by so quickly?

I was making a purchase online and had to fill in the expiration date on my debit card.


And it really really hit me…we are now living in 2019. How did this happen?

Time just flies by and I would really love your thoughts on this topic.

Why do you think life just wizzes by as we “mature”? I can CLEARLY remember when we all anxiously awaited the new millennium, unsure what would happen in our computer run existence when the “1” changed into a “2”.

Heck>>>I remember when I was 14 years old and telling everyone, not this year, not next year but the next year I will get my driving license.

Could it be that we are so wound up in daily life we somehow forget to just live and appreciate each moment? Or is God playing a nasty trick on us [ I don’t think so ]?

I await your thoughts; maybe together we can understand this all.