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Focus On Four | The Realtor® System

FOCUS On Four | The Realtor® System

I am a licensed agent for far too many years to recall [ nearly 20 ]. I have walked in your shoes, toiled the long working hours, faced it all, just like you.  I simply get it>>>Buyers, Sellers, contracts, administration, marketing, showings, inspections, banks, title companies etc.

Focus on Four is a 4 step system that gets you FOCUSED on four areas of your real estate business. Your Service, your SoulMate client, your Marketing and your Organization/Time. By focusing on these key components of your practice the concept is you will do LESS but achieve MORE.

What You Get  |  The RESULTS

The program is divided into  distinct areas: Review, Analyze, Refine and Implementation.

At the end of the first four weeks, you will have a  FOCUSed view of

Your core service,

Your target market/client,

A marketing plan to attract your ideal client.

The following  eight weeks are used to implement and refine your new strategy. They include weekly online accountability sessions and  unlimited email correspondence. All online sessions are recorded for your later review.

I understand the life of an active real estate agent>>>Time is precious. The four month program is conducted online from your office or home  and during hours that are best suitable to you.

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So Let’s Re FOCUS [ and get real ] By…

 First, Identifing Your “Soulmate Client” [ Your IDEAL real estate client ]

[ not everyone should be your client – some business is best referred out ] .

In this exercise, we “paint” the picture of your “SoulMate Client”.

[ paint not required ]

Who they are,

Their background,

Their likes and dislikes,

What makes them tick. Is it an urban lifestyle, city life; are they empty nesters, a millennium with an eye on minimalism?

What can you offer?

Next,Let’s Tell Your Real Estate Story.

What does your brand and your real estate business stand for? What you do and why you do it?

What makes you stand out from the crowd? After all, they say every other person [ in South Florida] has a real estate license, just behind a driving license.

Why are you so unique? What is your specialty, your niche.

Why should a client work with you?

What requirements do your clients have and how do they feel about these wants and desires? How can you help?


Then Let’s Find Your Ideal Real Estate Marketing Path.

Once we have determined who is your “SoulMate Client “, your absolute ideal client/customer, we then find out where they hang out.

This could be on or off line [ most probably a combination of the two ].

And then the work begins to FOCUS on specific marketing.

Forget about marketing all over the place. This does not work. Your goal is to FOCUS on your uniqueness, your ideal client and then hammer it home.

Bonus [ How to find the time ]

What you do, when you do it and how you FOCUS on a daily basis is key [ especially for a balanced life ]. How you keep it all together, a smooth flow of work [ and life ]

The life of a Realtor® can be every so time-consuming and you must set [ professional ] boundaries. In this final step you will determine your”MOJO Time” and create sessions so you get things done- showings, listing appointments, paperwork, followup, marketing, prospecting….We will work together to set up systems including CRM’s and processes. Perhaps you need additional help, this will all be discussed.

AND you will slip in times when you DO NOT work [ your recharge time].

And,  we do this with the Less Is MORE mindset. Do LESS but achieve more by implementing a laser FOCUSed strategy into your real estate business. FOCUS on the important stuff and say toodles to the unnecessary baggage you have accumulated along the way

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